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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Power to peninsula by 2013

Bakun expected to be operational by 2010 will start transmitting electricity too Peninsular Malaysia by 2013

The Bakun hydro-electricity dam project, about 180km from here, will start to transmit power to Peninsular Malaysia by 2013, said Deputy Minister of Energy, Water and Communications Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum.

Salang, who visited the project over the weekend, told reporters here the RM3.2 billion project was expected to be operational by 2010.

About 100 megawatt (MW) to the state grid through the Similajau HVDC (high voltage direct current) lines which would be ready by next year.

By 2013 it is expected to begin transmitting 1,600MW to Peninsular Malaysia via the 676-km submarine cables across the South China Sea. The project would initially operate with three of its eight turbine generators, each with 300MW capacity, and would use the rest as more water was available in the reservoir area. The 695 sq km reservoir is almost as big as Singapore. It provided sustainable energy source. The 205-metre Bakun dam would be the second highest rockfill dam in the world after the Shibuya dam in China.

Civil works for its wall, spillway (to flush out excess water), power intake, power tunnels and powerhouse were expected to be completed by June 2010.

The process of draining water into the dam is expected to begin on Nov 21 this year. The dam will be filled in 18 months

Bakun will be the most beautiful dam. It will have six islands and will offer immense eco-tourism potentials.

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