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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CRIME WATCH : Spa masseuse loses life savings to ‘friend’ from China

KUCHING: A young spa masseuse lost her life savings of RM35,000 after she fell for a scam by a so called ‘friend’ from China.Sometime last month, the young woman was approached by the China national at the worker’s hostel.

The latter asked to borrow her ATM card to withdraw some cash to set up a business and promised to pay her back in two years’ time.

After some time, the woman tried calling her ‘friend’ to retrieve the ATM card, but the friend avoided her with many excuses.

Following the end of the Chinese New Year holidays, the masseuse tried calling again but failed to get a reply.

She then checked her bank for any recent withdrawal and found her ‘friend’ had taken out all her savings.

She made a police report claiming that the China national and the woman’s husband had cheated her and absconded with the money.

In a separate incident, an accounts executive was robbed of personal documents and several thousand ringgit yesterday around 11.30am at a Kota Sentosa parking lot.

The victim said she was sitting inside her car, a brown Mercedes Benz, when an unidentified man suddenly appeared by her front left window.

The man then proceeded to smash the window and snatched her handbag, which was placed on the front passenger seat.

The thief then ran off with an accomplice who was on a motorbike.

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