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Friday, May 28, 2010

Rich parents shouldn’t apply for academic aid

Well-to-do and financially stable parents should not apply for financial assistance for their children’s studies, said Santubong member of parliament Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar yesterday.The Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker said such a situation would waste the government’s money and deprive deserving applicants from poor families who desperately need assistance to further their studies

“If the person is rich, and at the same time their children perform very well, providing study loans to them is just like ‘pouring salt to the (already salty) sea’.

“While it is not wrong to give credit (to those who perform well in their studies), is it necessary to assist if the parents can afford to finance their child’s studies?,” he told reporters here yesterday.

Wan Junaidi said loans and assistance should only be given to those who cannot afford it, and at the same time are highly qualified and have credible certificates to support this.

“Our merit system does not see this, and this is the loophole which leads to some students from well-off family receiving financial assistance,” he said.

He hoped the relevant department in charge of study loans can come up with an explanation to the public so that only those who really need the assistance should apply and receive it.

Wan Junaidi said this after handing over a total of RM7,700 in aid to eight recipients.

Five of them have been accepted into institutions of higher learning while three others needed assistance for medical cases. The financial assistance ranged from RM500 to RM1,000.

Norshiah Ahmat of Kampung Sejingkat received RM1,500 to support her daughter Nurain Najwa’s medical treatment.

Born prematurely, Nurain suffers from eye complications that required her to go for an operation in Kuala Lumpur last April 1. She needs follow-ups every two weeks.

“Her condition has been improving ever since and we do hope that she can have perfect sight after some time, and the assistance today has relieved the burden for me,” said Nurain’s father Mohammad Abdullah who works as a labourer.

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