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Thursday, April 15, 2010

135 CBT cases reported last year

Cases involved RM9 million in losses with 19 recorded in Bintulu — CCID chief

BINTULU: One hundred and thirty five Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) cases involving RM9 million in losses were reported in Sarawak last year.Out of these cases, 19 were reported in Bintulu and losses totalled some RM1.6 million.

Sarawak Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) head Superintendent Mohd Firdaus Abdullah said yesterday that eight people had been charged in court in relation to these cases.

Firdaus was here for a two day working visit to oversee some key investigations of CBT cases in Bintulu under Insp Noor Asri Ibrahim and Insp Wee Soon Guan of CCID Bintulu.

He told reporters at the Bintulu police headquarters that for the first three months of this year Bintulu recorded eight new cases involving RM1.2 million in loses, and thus far six suspects had been picked up.

Firdaus lamented that after looking at all the CBT cases, it seemed that the offences had already become a ‘habit’.

“There is a need for managers to be stricter and stringent on financial controls. If this is done properly the CBT cases would not have happened,” he reasoned.

Firdaus also advised managers to do continual background checks on their employees whenever possible.

For instance, he said, by observing their employees’ lifestyle, the kind of cars they drive or even the kind of restaurant they always visit, it is possible to determine whether they were up to no good.

Firdaus lamented that some CBT cases dragged on years before the management detected something was amiss.

For instance, he said, a company lost some RM1.13 million over a period of four years before they realised a CBT was in their midst.

The case has been solved and a 45-year-old man will be charged in court soon.

“Where are the managers and controllers who supposed to do the monitoring and surveillance? This should not have happened in the first place,” said Firdaus.

Another case reported last week involved a 40-year-old female financial executive of a local hotel.

According to a police report, the suspect had been siphoning some RM50,678 from the hotel ever since she started working there in 2007.

Another shocker involved three suspects of a construction company whose wrongdoings were only detected by the management after 14 years had lapsed.

“All the three directors are local people. The case was reported in January 2010 but that was after the company realised the offences after 14 years later,” said Firdaus.

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