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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Online buyers stung by cyber-scams

Two complainants lodged separate police reports yesterday claiming they were cheated by different individuals while con-ducting an online trans-action for second-hand items.

The first complainant, a man in his 20s from Desa Wira, had reportedly posted an ad on a popular community-trading website last Thursday stating his intention to purchase a second-hand Playstation Portable game console.

Shortly after, he was contacted by a female student who offered to sell him her PSP console for RM400.

Having agreed to the deal, the man deposited the sum into the student’s account.
He was told that the item would soon be delivered to him.

However, after a week of waiting without receiving the promised item, the complainant started to suspect that he had been scammed.

He tried to contact the student on several occasions, but was taken aback when she refused to answer his calls. Finally, as a last resort, he reported the matter to the police.
Meanwhile, the second complainant, a man in his mid-20s from Kenyalang Park, claimed he agreed to buy a second-hand Nokia N95 handphone from an unknown person via the same website last Wednesday.

Like the aforementioned complainant, he also deposited money into the seller’s account.
In order to secure his purchase, the man sent a total of RM1,000.

The following day, the complainant received a package from the seller, but was shocked to discover that the package only contained a handphone pouch and not the N95 handset he had requested to purchase.

When he tried contacting the seller for answers the complainant reported that the latter kept disconnecting his calls.
Coming to the conclusion that he had been cheated, the complainant decided to lodge a police report.

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