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As I will be on a long months' holidays starting 7th July 2010 prior to my retirement in October 2010, I will suspend my service in updating my blog on daily issues or facts of interest.

I would like to thanks everyone for having the interest in surfing my blog and sharing the thoughts with me.

Thank you to everyone.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Prejudice makes you just another drug mule : Watch out when you are travelling alone to foreign country

An anti-narcotic policewoman taking an X-ray of the abdomen of a passenger at an international airport. With a growing number of female drug mules, immigration personnel are taking extra precautions, sometimes even bordering on bigotry
Tricked by their lovers into smuggling drugs, Malaysian women are languishing in foreign jails. And with too many Malaysians overstaying in the UK, the British government is mulling introducing visas for visiting Malaysians.

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