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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stray dogs at eateries???

Remove stray dogs at eateries, authorities told

Dogs can be a man’s best friend, but can be the opposite when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.

A concerned Borneo Post reader said he felt disgusted by the sight of stray dogs at a food court at Green Heights here.

He said these dogs, with their foul smell and wound on the body, put off not only his appetite but also others eating at the food court.

He pointed out that these stray dogs would also leave a bad impression of the city to tourists since there is an international hotel located nearby the food court.

“Sometimes, the dogs come in packs of three or four. They would come to the people eating at the food court and wait for leftover.

“But their smell and the sight of their wounds can turn off anyone’s appetite. People are worried about hygiene and the risk of disease by the presence of these stray dogs,” said the reader who wished to be known only as Liew.

When the Borneo Post team came to food court, the staff, especially the waitresses were nice to the dogs – patting them and feeding them food.

Asked why they did not chase the dogs away, one of them said they treated the dogs like pets. When told that these dogs would ‘dirty’ the place, she said there was nothing much she could do as these dogs have no home.

A customer by the name of Ray said the relevant authorities should take action and not to simply wait for complaints from the public.

“They should remove these dogs, or otherwise these will tarnish our reputation as a healthy city,” he said.

Prior to this, there had been few strong calls for these unwanted canine visitors to be removed from eateries in the city.

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