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Monday, October 25, 2010

Women offer normal massage or more

AT first glance, a house near Ampang looks like any other residence.

However, investigations revealed that the women occupying the house were offering “three-in-one” massage services which include a normal massage, an intimate massage or sex services, reported Metro Ahad.

One of the tenants, Ana, 20, was running her business through a social networking site and had asked for a 50% deposit which must be banked into her account.

After receiving the money, she sends an SMS giving her address and business hours.

“I only do this ‘part-time’. When a customer contacts me through the social networking site, I will attend to him. Otherwise, I usually hang out with my friends.

“Usually, I do not offer sex, but if they are willing to pay more, I will do it,” said Ana, who makes RM3,000 a month.

She only conducts her business during office hours so that her neighbours and the authorities would not get suspicious.

Linda, 20, also offers such services to pay for a more luxurious lifestyle.

“In the beginning, I would log on to these sites at home. If I get customers. I would bring them to my friend’s place. At first I was afraid but now I’m used to it.

“I charge RM100 for each session. However, I do not offer sex services. It depends on what the customer wants, a normal or intimate massage,” she said.

The Star Online 25/1010

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