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Monday, December 3, 2007

23. Residents happy land leases can be renewed

A Kenyalang Park resident feels that landowners in the State should grab all money-making opportunities so as to have enough money to pay for their land lease renewal fees.

LIM HOCK CHIANG: Make as much money as one can to pay the renewal fees.
Lim Hock Chiang, 34, said landowners had to face the reality that they must pay certain amount of premium following the announcement of the new land renewal policy last May.
“Generally, I’m satisfied with the policy. If the government never announces anything, landowners will be worried about what they can do about their land upon expiry.
“Now that the government has made known the renewal rate, though 25 per cent is imposed, it is still worth it,” he told reporters when met in front of the Kenyalang Theatre where SUPP Pending branch set up a service counter to help landowners apply for land lease renewal yesterday morning.
Lim, whose land lease will expire in 18 years, reckoned that Sarawakians could not compare themselves with their counterparts in Kuala Lumpur who enjoyed perpetuity land lease.
“We shall not oppose any of the government policies. There are a lot of earning opportunities in Sarawak and we shall think of how to make more money to settle the payment,” Lim said.
Despite having learnt about the formula to calculate land lease renewal fees in the local dailies, he said he would leave it to SUPP to do the job.
“I don’t really know much about the calculation and I believe SUPP will do it well for us. All the people have to do is earn a lot of money to pay,” said the businessman who has been residing in Kenyalang Park since birth.
Asked whether he was happy with the services offered by SUPP, he said: “More importantly, the general public should avoid arguing or fighting the authorities. Reality is reality, we just have to work hard to do whatever we can,” he said, cautioning that harmony would be harmed if people did not adhere to policies.

JERRY WEE: Nothing is free in this world, so have to pay for land premium.
For Jerry Wee, the land lease renewal policy should be acceptable to many Sarawakians given that “there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world”.
“Nothing is free in this world and we should pay if we must. If some people are still confused by the calculation or facing any problems, they should approach the Land and Survey Department or SUPP for solution,” he said.
Residing at Jalan Hup Kee, which is near 4th Mile, Penrissen Road here, Wee said the land lease of his residence had some 40 more years to expire.
He, however, commended SUPP for doing a good job in assisting residents in Kenyalang Park as these land leases would remain valid for not more than 20 years.
“Actions are far better than words and I’m happy to see that the party has been helping landowners in Kenyalang,” added the 68-year-old retiree.

SIM CHO CHOO: I’m happy enough if the land lease can be renewed.
A 35-year-old homemaker said she was satisfied with the land renewal policy as announced by the government.
“I was so scared that the land lease could not be renewed. Now, I’m relieved. I’ve been staying here (Kenyalang Park) since I was born and we have no intention to move to other places,” said Sim Cho Choo.
Saying her land lease has 19 years to go, Sim admitted to being in the dark as to how to calculate the renewal fee.
“I heard about the formula to calculate the premium but the details, not really. So long as I can renew the land lease, I’m happy enough, the rest should be manageable,” Sim said.
Meanwhile, SUPP secretary-general Datuk Sim Kheng Hui assured that the party would continue its efforts to help landowners apply for land lease renewal.
While more than 250 application requests had been received, he said at least 170 applications would be expected during the four-hour service that started at 8am yesterday.
“It’s hoped that land leases with less than 20 years can be renewed now. The sooner the better,” he said, adding that any landowners in need of help could approach the party anytime.
Sim, who is also SUPP Pending branch chairman, did not preclude that some landowners were not satisfied with the 25-per cent renewal for residential land lease.
“Some of them feel that it’s a bit too high, but these are few individual cases which SUPP is very concerned for,” he said.
Sim also called on those having problems raising money to pay for their land lease renewal to also seek advice from the party.

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